FAIRMB3 or FAIRMB312 Rubber Mallet 28oz or 39oz

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Product Ref: FAIRMB312 or FAIRMB3

Price from: €12.99

Rubber Mallet 28oz or 39oz

All purpose rubber mallet, used by professional tradesmen in the automotive industry and in maintenance workshops.

Also suitable for DIY tasks and applications where a steel head is unsuitable.

Featuring self-locking handles to deliver a gentle but firm blow with little rebound.

The wooden handle is contoured to provide a comfortable grip during use.

Colour : Black

Size : 76mm (3in).

Weight : 794g (28oz).

Face : 76 mm.

Colour : Black.

Size : 89 mm (3.1/2in). 

Weight : 1.1 kg (40oz).

Face : 89 mm.