Faithful All Steel Round Bladed Folding Shovel

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Was: €16.99

Price: €14.99

Faithful all steel round bladed folding shovel

Folds compactly for easy storage Ideal for camping, hiking or fishing

Useful for gardeners

Serrated sawing edge

All steel construction

Unfolds to 22 1/2" (570mm)

Folds up to 9" (230mm)

Includes storage belt pouch

Tubular steel handle

May be locked in position as shovel or pick

Easily stored in car for winter emergencies

Every motorist should have one!

Ideal for digging, removing rubble, levelling ground or scraping

The Faithfull FAIASFSROUND all steel folding shovel round blade folds compactly for easy storage and can be used (locked) in three positions for use as a shovel, pick or trench.

It is ideal for digging, levelling ground, removing rubble, grubbing or scraping and can be easily stored in the car for those winter emergencies.

The all steel folding shovel round blade unfolds to 570mm (22.1/2in) and folds up to 230mm (9in).