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Faithfull Tile Max Drill Bits Assorted Sizes

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Product Ref: FAITMTCD35

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Faithfull Tile Max Drill Bits Assorted Sizes

Available in sizes 5.5, 6 ,6.5, 7,8 or 10mm 

The Faithfull tile max drill bits have a newly designed and unique P95 precision tip which has been diamond ground from the best quality tungsten. This enables the user to drill through a wide range of materials such as: PEl 5 class porcelain, ceramics, fine stoneware, marble, concrete, engineering brick and even granite. In addition, due to the tips unique self renewing design, after frequent use on the hardest materials, the tile drill can then be used on softer substrates.

The asymmetric drill design reduces resistance by 25%, ensuring that there is no wandering on start of drilling. There is also less chance of cracking or chipping (dependent on tile type) which leads to a perfectly formed round hole.

The low stress, high temperature brazing method used to attach the tip to the shank ensures that it remains attached under the most extreme drilling conditions. The ingenious triangular shaped shank guarantees no slip rotation in the drill chuck and the deep and wide fluting is able to cope with the maximum amount of spoil removal.