Fiberfix Repair Wrap Fix All Tape

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Product Ref: FIBREFIX

Price from: €7.99

Leaking pipes? Broken shafts? Broken furniture? A broken hockey stick? The rule is simple: if you can wrap it in tape, you can fix it with FiberFix!

Activate the fibreglass tape by soaking the roll, winding the tape around whatever you want to fix and then let set for a few minutes - done!

The result is an exceptionally strong, durable and furthermore watertight repair that withstands temperatures of up to 150°C!

FiberFix makes duct tape look like a flimsy dish rag, and makes you look like the fix-it master of the home with your superpower repairs!

Next time something breaks, fix it with FiberFix and show that you mean business!

Details on your FiberFix Repair Tape Super-strong repair tape that fixes everything from leaking pipes to broken garden tools!

A must for the do-it-yourself home fixer! Fibreglass tape that becomes hard as steel Can be used on all surfaces and all kinds of materials

Easy to use:

Clean the broken surface, roughen-up smooth surfaces with the accompanying sandpaper

Open the FiberFix bag, remove the roll and soak it for 5 seconds

Wind FiberFix around whatever you want to fix and secure the repair with the vinyl strip

Allow FiberFix to harden for a few minutes and remove the vinyl strip - now you’re done!

Withstands temperatures from -45°C to 150° C

Watertight: withstands water pressures up to 60 PSI, approved for contact with drinking water

Non-toxic: the included gloves protect your pretty hands from the sticky tape!

Can be sanded with sandpaper and painted over once it has set

Sets in15 minutes

Choose from between a number of different sizes:

Small: 2.5 x 100 cm

Medium: 5 x 125 cm

Large: 10 x 150 cm

The package contains:

1 roll of FiberFix in a bag


Vinyl strip

Rubber gloves (latex-free)


Please note that FiberFix is intended for a single use, and that you must use the roll within 5 minutes of having opened the bag!