Fiberfix Rigid Repair Patch Hardens Like Steel

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Product Ref: FFRR

Price: €19.99

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The FiberFix Rigid Patch is your permanent repair solution for punctured holes and cracks in equipment, gutters, vehicles, garbage barrels, fences and boats. The product comes with three patches in three different sizes.

The patches harden like steel, so you don't have to worry about your repair ever again.

If applying indoors - make sure to shine UV light on patch to cure.

If applying outdoors - make sure to apply the patch in shade until it is ready to cure; otherwise, the UV light from the sun will make it harden before you can place the patch.

Hardens like steel

Cures in 10 minutes or less

Multiple sizes

Waterproof Sandable and paintable

Heat and cold resistant

Non-toxic Cures by UV light