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Flame Candle Warmer Lantern

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Product Ref: flame-candle-warmer-lantern

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Product Information

Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasional with a wonderful collection of Electric Candle Warmers.

Do you love candles and oil burners but sometimes worry about the flame?These new amazing wickless candle warmer lanterns mean you no longer need to worry about naked flames!

Plug in candle wax warmers are designed to gently warm and melt the scented wax in the candle jars by the heat of the warm light bulb.

They release the fragrance in the candle evenly over time by just melting the surface of the candle.

Variety of true to life fragrances to create a lovely ambience at home or at work.

The candle warmer jars in this section are wickless and can only be used in conjunction with our electric wax warmers. Normal candles with wicks are not suitable, the wax in our warmer candles are designed to burn slower.