Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Product Ref: SL1000/2000

Price from: €24.99

Himalayan Salt Lamps

2 sizes medium 3-5kg or large 7-10kg

Benefits of Himalayan lamps

  • purifies surrounding air
  • helps neutralise electromagnetic radiation from pcs, tvs & appliances
  • aids in the reduction of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • improves mood & concentration
  • reduces allergy and asthma symptoms


How does it work?

Negative ions are good for you! Nature produces negative ions to combat pollution in the air. 

That taste in the air & feeling you get at the beach, by a waterfallor after lightning are all examples of your body experiencing the benefits of negative ions

When a salt lamp heats up it causes the moisture in the air around the lamp to heat up & evapourate. The positive ions from the water are charged and become negative ions

When we breathe in negative ions the chemical reaction has been known to increase positive energy , relieve depression, alleviate stress and improve overall mood