Instant Electric Hot Water Tap and Installation Kit

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Instant Electric Hot Water Tap

The Instant Electric Hot Water Tap (also known as the ETH10) is designed especially for kitchen sinks and helps you to get instant hot water right at your sink without turning on the immersion.

Traditionally we all either turn on the immersion or the heating system to heat it up water however doing this has three fundamental flaws

1: It takes a long time for the water to heat up(generally about 30 minutes for a 55 litre immersion) and this can be particularly frustrating especially when you are in a hurry.

2: Very often we turn on the heating system or immersion and heat a full tank of hot water when we only need to use a few litres for washing dishes or cleaning vegetables when cooking. The rest of the heated water is adding unnecessarily to your energy bill.

3: Because the water has a long way to travel from the boiler to the tap a lot of cold water is often wasted whilst you wait for the hot water to come through to the kitchen sink. With water charges on the way we can’t afford to continue to do this and the electric hot water tap is the solution.

*Please note an extra 312 is required for installation on granite work surfaces*