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Irwin Black Jack 880 Friction Coated Saw

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Irwin Black Jack 880 Friction Coated Saw

Irwin Jack 20 inch PTFE coated universal triple ground handsaw.

The saw has a high quality C75 steel blade and its triple ground toothing gives the saw a 25% faster cut.

The blade is treated with a water based lacquer providing four times the added protection than conventional anti-rust agents and helps speed up sawing.

The new handle design has an ultra-sonic welded soft-grip for increased hold and enhanced comfort. 90 and 45° angles integrated in the handle aid the user when marking out.

  • The fine toothing gives a superior finish. 
  • Ideal for cutting plywood, chipboard and other man-made materials.
  • Length 22in 
  • Teeth 9 tpi 
  • Point 10 ppi