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Irwin Sash Clamps 135 Series

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Product Ref: REC1352-57

Price: 44.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Sash Clamps 135 Series

Available in the following sizes:

  1. 30″ 
  2. 36″
  3. 42″ 
  4. 48-42″ 
  5. 54″ 
  6. 60″ 

These are heavy-duty clamps with a bar section of 32 x 6mm (1 1/4 x 14in).

The slide and head are guaranteed unbreakable and the slide is secured by a solid steel pin passing through one of the locating holes spaced along the steel bar.

The steel mainscrew applies pressure quickly and smoothly through a fast acting, hard wearing rolled thread.

Slides and heads are flat bottomed so that the clamp will stand without support.