Kidde Lifesaver Compact Carbon Monoxide Alarm 5CO

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Product Ref: KIDDE5CO

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Price: €25.99

Kidde Lifesaver Compact Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Kidde Lifesaver Compact is a loud alarm which is designed to alert you even as you sleep. It is an intelligent taht alarm responds quickest to high levels of carbon monoxide. Compact and easy to use.

  • Easy to fit and use - no complicated wiring required
  • Test/Reset button - allows quick and easy testing of alarm operation
  • Loud alarm - designed to wake you whilst you are sleeping
  • 7 year waranty (excludes batteries)

It is recommended that at least one CO alarm is present on each level of the home, ideally in or near any room with a fuel burning appliance (such as a boiler, gas cooker, fireplace etc.) - see users guide for further information.