Einhell GC-PT 2538 AS Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc 2 Stroke EINGCPT2538A

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Product Ref: EINGCPT2538A

Was: €189.99

Price: €149.99

The Einhell GC-PT 2538 AS Petrol Grass Trimmer is a powerful tool that allows users to trim hard-to-reach areas of the garden quickly, easily and effectively.

Its shaped long handle made of aluminium and the infinitely adjustable handle enable tireless, precise operation.

It has a high-quality, low-vibration two-stroke engine, which together with the Quick-Start system with an easy-to-reach primer and auto choke enables quick, user-friendly starting.

The centrifugal clutch disengages the cutting tool in idle mode, and has a large line protection cover.

The twin line of the user-friendly, automatic jog line feed system produces a clean cut.

No tools are required to change the twin line spool.

Thanks to a split shaft, the scythe can be dismantled into two parts in just a few moves for easy transportation and storage in minimum space.

Specification Engine:

25cc Two-Stroke, Air Cooled. Engine

Displacement: 25.4cm³.

Power: 0.75 kW.

Fuel Tank: 0.45 Litre.

Revolutions of Thread Spool: 7,500/min.

Cutting Swathe: 38cm.

Thread Diameter: 2mm.

Thread Length: 400cm.

Weight: 5.6kg.