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Miracle-Gro Flower Magic 1KG Assorted

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Product Ref: MGFM1

Price: 19.99

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Flower magic is so quick and easy to use

  • Simply choose an area with moist soil and good natural light, remove any weeds and then rake over the soil lightly.
  • Sprinkle the mix evenly over the soil. Remember, the flower seeds are tiny so they will be invisible in the soil.
  • What you will see is the plant food granules, so use these to help you apply the mix – each granule should be approximately 1.5cm apart when applied correctly.
  • Water it in gently until the soil turns dark brown, then just let the Miracle-Gro ingredients do the rest…
  • The shredded coir compost will protect the seeds in the soil, giving them the best environment in which to grow.
  • The slow release plant food will then feed the seedlings for up to four months, keeping your flowers strong and healthy.
  • All you need to do is keeping watering.
  • The clever coir compost will even tell you when to do this – it will turn light brown when you need to add more water and dark brown once you’ve watered it enough.