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Novatech GT7 Spray Oil 200ml

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Product Ref: GT7

Price: 12.99

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Product Information

GT7 contains 7 different products which can be used to solve thousands of problems.

1. GT7 can is so multifunctional that it replaces the following products without difficulty: moisture repellents, cold-shrink agents, penetrating oils, lubricants, contact sprays, cleaners and protective agents. 

2.Given that GT7 is a very good moisture repellent, it can be used to clean pneumatic tools of moisture and dirt located in the appliance. 

3. GT7 drives all moisture away extremely quickly, even in the case of electrical hand appliances, etc. 

4. GT7 is used as an anti-rust agent, you will be amazed at how it can loosen up a tightly rusted bolt or hinge. Breaking and neutralising rust crystals is child’s play for GT7

5. GT7 is a very thin material and thus can penetrate into the smallest openings and act as a penetrating oil there. GT7 can therefore be used in both rough and very fine mechanical components. 

6.GT7 is an innovation as a penetrating oil, because GT7 can also create a shock effect. This is due to the combination of the shrinking effect and penetration capacity which breaks the crystals in the rust particles.  Treating moving parts such as guides, slides, locks, etc. with GT7 means that these are spared blockages for a very long time due to GT7’s substantial lubricating capacity. 

7.GT7 is completely colourless and therefore does not cause any stains on paints and plastics.  Thanks to its pleasant smell GT7 can also be used internally without spreading disruptive chemical smells.

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