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Rapid Repair Patch On a Roll

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For Repairs Maintenance.
Probably the Most Versatile Repair Product in the World:…. at last, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) that is easy to apply and will give a professional finish, quickly and easily! 
It is being used to repair or fabricate:
• Roofing and Gutters 
• Pipes 
• Gates 
• Fences 
• Garden Equipment 
• Car Bodies 
• Exhausts 
• Tank Linings (oil, water and chemical) 
• Hoses 
• Spray booths 
• Chutes 
• Hoppers 
• Spillways 
• Drip trays 
• Ducting 
• Models Prototypes 
• Swimming/Paddling pool linings 
• Caravans 
• Boats 
• Models & Prototypes……….. the list is endless.
New uses for THE RAPID REPAIR PATCH are being discovered daily. 
Patch Size – 150mm x 225mm – also available as Patch Sizes: 75mm x 150mm, 225mm x 300mm and 100mm wide Rolls of 1m, 2m and 3m lengths

Easy Application (self Adhesive) 
• Fast Cure (15 – 30 mins.) 
• Moulds to suit any application 
• No Mess. Professional finish 
• Can be drilled, sanded, painted 
• Cures rock hard 
• Rot-proof – waterproof 
• Impact resistant 
• Unique repair material that is clean, safe and very easy to use 
• No messy mixing, safer than conventional glass fibre because glass fibre particles cannot escape during application and curing 
• When uncured, it is soft and pliable. The self adhesive patch can be cut with a knife or scissors and be moulded, wrapped or laid onto almost any clean dry surface, for an instant bond 
• Curing is by exposure to UV light, (daylight) after 5 – 40 minutes – dependant on UV levels 
• Immensely strong after curing, virtually rot-proof, resists weathering, impact, water and many acids and solvents. Vastly superior to normal GRP. Resistant to UV decay 
• Virtually no shrinkage and minimum wastage 
• Can be drilled, rubbed down and painted to provide the finish you require 
• Does not support the growth of any bacteria 
• Safe for use with drinking water – this product has full approval with WRAS in the UK.

Important! Surfaces must be dry, free from dust, oil, grease, wax and all loose material. Some surfaces may require sealing prior to application. Attach adhesive surface to repair, and apply firm pressure to secure a good bond. Expose to ultraviolet light (daylight) to harden to a permanent cure. 
Hole or crack found 
• clean off all surfaces with cloth/brush/degreaser 
• easily cut to shape with scissors or a craft knife 
• peel off backing and press firmly into place. The adhesive bonds powerfully to virtually any clean dry surface 
• mould it exactly how you want. Use it for prototypes or models 
• Repair complete 
• UV light curing 
• Material can also be drilled, sanded or painted following removal of the clear outer nylon film. 

Light-curable GRP material manufactured in sheet form which comprises a matrix of isopthalmic resin, E-type glass reinforcement, inert fillers and photo-initiator.

These are sandwiched between a tough nylon film and a powerful general purpose adhesive laminate. Manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, the resins and glass fibres used are in compliance with British Standards in respect of water potability, absorption, mechanical properties and durability.

Storage of unused roll and off-cuts. Keep in the original wrapping and away from sources of heat, light, moisture and frost. For best results we recommend this product be used within 12 months of purchase.  However, with correct and proper storage, the useable life can be extended considerably.