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Rentokil Moth Killer Cassettes Twin Pack

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Rentokil Moth Killer Cassettes Twin Pack

Rentokil Moth Killer Cassettes are a highly effective moth control product designed for protecting clothing in wardrobes from clothes moth infestation.

Highly effective moth protection for clothing in wardrobes Active ingredient kills adult moths, moth eggs and larvae Fresh citrus fragrance

Effective for up to 6 months One twinpack will protect a standard wardrobe.

?Product Information

These Moth Killer Cassettes are designed for the protection of woollen, silk, cashmere, fur and leather garments either hanging in wardrobes.

Simply hang the units on the rail of your wardrobe to enjoy long-lasting clothes moth control.

The active ingredient in these units is ‘transfluthrin’ – a highly effective moth killing insecticide, which not only kills adult moths but also moth eggs and larvae. This is essential as it is the larvae that actually cause the damage to clothes.

Each Moth Killer Hanging Unit is effective for up to 6 months and has a time indicator to let you know when it’s time to install replacements.

The Units have a light citrus fragrance to freshen your wardrobe and will not stain your clothes.

Each twinpack will protect a standard wardrobe or 1 cubic metre.

Directions for use

Hook the Cassettes over the hanging rail, placing one at each side of the wardrobe.

Recommendations Rentokil Moth Killer Cassettes best used as a method of moth prevention.

For the treatment of active moth infestations, we recommend they are used in combination with other moth killer products such as Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Moth Spray and fumigating Formula ‘P’ Foggers.

Our Moth Proof Garment Bags are another excellent product for protecting clothes against moth damage.