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Rentokil Pestfree Cat and Fox Deterrent Ultrasonic Repeller


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Product Ref: RENTOCFK

Price: 49,95

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Product Information

Rentokil Pestfree Cat and Fox Deterrent

Protects your garden using ultrasonic technology, which causes cats, foxes and other animal pests to avoid protected areas, while the deterrent cannot be heard by humans.

Directions for use: Very simple to use, just insert the 9V alkaline battery, site the unit where cats and other animal pests have been seen or are causing problems, and turn the unit on. It can be attached to a wall, or use the mounting spike (enclosed) to site it at ground level.

How it Works: Repeated exposure to ultrasound creates an uncomfortable environment for cats and other animal pests, which are detered from the area in front of the unit.

  • Deters cats and foxes from your garden
  • Ultrasonic, inaudible to humans
  • Weatherproof, easy to set up and use