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Rooflect Insulation Kit Loft Heat Retention Barrier


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Product Ref: ECROF20-EXCL

Price: 59.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Rooflect Insulation Kit: Loft Heat Retention Barrier (20m L X 60cm W)

  • Minimises energy loss through loft 
  • Reduces risk of frozen loft/attic pipes 
  • Warm in Winter & Cool in Summer 
  • Reflection increases overall lighting effect making it easy to see throughout loft/attic 
  • Effectively seals loft/attic space preventing roof felt debris and other contaminants 
  • Easy to Fit 
  • Tape & Fittings supplied


Rooflect is a laminated insulating cladding made up of 3 layers.

The first reflective layer consists of aluminium foil designed to direct the outside tempreature away from your home

The main body is formed from a bubble wrap arrangemnent which stores heat energy between 14 and 20 degrees that would otherwise be lost through attic space. This has been proven to increase overall tempreature in the attic.

The second reflective layer is also aluminium foil which reflects heat back into the attic or roof space taht would normally be lost from your house.