Scoovel Garden Grabber

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Product Ref: SCOOVEL

Price: €29.99

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  • Scoovel is an innovative multi – purpose grab that will change the way you work.
  • Scoovel combines the best features of a scoop and a shovel to make every clean up, quicker and easier than ever before. 
  • Scoovel’s patented design is strong, durable and comfortable to handle. 
  • Whether you are working in an industrial or domestic space, scoovle will greatly mprove the efficiency of any small scale lifting job. 
  • Scoovel makes all your lift and shift tasks easier.
  • Scoovel is perfectly sized and easy to carry with you as you move.  
  • With Scoovel you can now scoop, scrape and gather all in one action, using a single tool. 
  • Scoovel makes your clean up jobs easy and stress free. 
  • You no longer need a second person on scopping duty. 
  • Scoovel is ideal for lifting clippings, leaves, grass and general debris. 
  • Whether you want to clean the factory floor, keep your shop front area tidy, maintain a leaf free driveway Scoovel is the very best tool for the job. 
  • Scoovel is an exciting new product that general operatives and gardeners everywhere have been waiting for. S
  • coovel brings innovation to an area of the maket that hasn’t seen change in several decades