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Seasonite 1L Wood Treatment

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Product Ref: S1L

Price: 34.99

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Product Information

  • Seasonite is an easy-to-apply, one-coat treatment
  • should be applied as soon as possible after installing your deck, log cabin, chalet, cladding, wooden garden furniture, shed or any other new outdoor timber structure.
  • Seasonite adheres and bonds with the top layers of the wood fibres. It is this bonding with the wood fibres that enables it to control the movement of moisture in and out of the wood.
  • Seasonite’s job is to allow the new wood ‘weather’ in a controlled manner in the first six to twelve months when it is at its most vulverable.
  • This is acheived by controlling the moisture movement in and out of the wood, i.e. it stabilises the wood to its local environment. It is this controlling of the moisture in and out of the wood that dramatically minimises the potential for it to split, warp, crack etc.
  • To exaggerate everything and put it in simplistic terms; when not protected, the wood will expand and contract 6 inches every times it gets wet and dries out, but when protected with Seasonite, the wood will expand / contract only 1 inch. It is this restriction of movement that minimises the wood’s ability to warp, crack etc.