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Securikey Mini Vault Deposit – Size 2 Safe

Product Details

Product Ref: MINIV2

Price: 395.00

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Securikey Mini Vault Deposit – Size 2

  • Mini Vault Deposit – Size 2 £3000 cash rated. 
  • Perfect sized drawer deposit safe. 
  • Keylock Security Protection:  
  • Construction: Built with a 4mm steel body & 8mm anti-bludgeon door. 
  • Heavy duty concealed door hinges to prevent attack. 
  • Locking: Supplied with high security VdS Class 1 key lock (2 keys) or easy to use, Electronic lock with rupper grip handle. 
  • Electronic lock features: Low battery indication, False code light, Ease of changing batteries via front loading battery compartment. 
  • Non volotile memory in of event power loss. 
  • Makers special opening code if code lost or forgotten. (User must register their product on installation) 
  • Internal light: Motion sensor interior light included on all models. 
  • Deposit: Mini Vault 1 deposit c/w letter slot. 
  • Mini Vault 2 deposit safe has V trap deposit drawer & is supplied with 12 deposit capsules. 
  • Either safe maintains a locked door to prevent staff theft. 
  • Both deposit features have anti-fish plate to stop pilfer theft. 
  • Drawer deposit size: Mini Vault 1 (letter slot) 20 x 140mm (H x W). Mini Vault 2 (Pull open V trap) 100 x 250mm (H x W) 
  • Installation: Easy to base fix via pre prepared bolt holes to base and/or back.