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Smoke Photoelectric Alarm – GSC EVOLUTION

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Product Ref: 001403695

Price: 9.99

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Product Information

Introducing the GSC Evolution Smoke Photoelectric Alarm, your ultimate guardian against fire hazards.

With a piercing sound greater than 85dB, it ensures that you won’t miss its warning signal.

Covering a maximum detection area of 3 meters, this alarm is designed to swiftly detect smoke and alert you to potential danger.

Operating within a temperature range of -10 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius, it remains reliable in various environments.

Powered by a DC9V battery, this alarm features a low battery alert, giving you 7 to 15 days’ notice before replacement is needed.

Equipped with a convenient LED indicator light, it provides visual confirmation of its operational status.

Prioritize safety and peace of mind with the GSC Evolution Smoke Photoelectric Alarm.