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Takker Hardwall Multi Purpose Hanging Kit 35 Pieces

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Product Ref: TAK3

Price: 29,99

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Product Information

Takker Hardwall Multi Purpose Hanging Kit 35 Pieces

 Weight: 465g

The Hardwall Takker is a hand powered device for hanging pictures, mirrors, canvas prints and much more onto any hard wall surface in seconds.

Holds up to 12kgs/27lbs.

Takker has a range of patented innovative diy products for hanging wall art, canvases, decorations, pictures, mirrors, clocks and much more onto any wall surface.

The Takker and HW Takker can be used in the home, garden, office, gallery, student accommodation, rented accommodation, hotel, school and many more places.

Kit contains:

36 HW Takks, 2 Multi-purpose Hooks, 4 Picture Hooks, 4 Canvas Hangers

Collects the dust so no mess.

Electric cable and water pipe friendly

Light weight & easy to use, for young and old.

Can be used left or right handed

UK developed and manufactured