UNI2046694 Unibond Silicone Sealant Re-New

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Product Ref: UNI2046694

Was: €12.99

Price: €9.99

UNI2046694 Unibond Silicone Sealant Re-New

Unibond Silicone Sealant Re-New will make your old sealant look like new.

Easy to apply, there is no need to remove the existing sealant - simply cover over.

It has triple protect mould resistance & thanks to its perfect adhesion, it will cover cracks and the extra white colour ensures the old discoloured sealant won't show through.

Its special formula covers and stops existing mould and prevents future growth, it is suitable for both vertical & horizontal joints in any area including kitchens, bathrooms even showers.

Coverage is approx 5-7m