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WAGW867E Wagner WallPerfect W867E I-Spray Spraying Kit 615w 240v

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Product Ref: WAGW867E

Price: 399.95

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

The Wagner WallPerfect W 867 E is the perfect all-rounder paint spraying system for all projects inside and outside the home.

The new I-Spray nozzle technology guarantees optimal atomization and a high working speed with smooth finish.

The innovative multi-function handle provides even more convenience.

All equipment functions can be operated directly on the handle.

The W 867 E is always tidied away and complete because the practical case provides lots of space for spray attachments and the air hose.

A Powerful, yet quite turbine also features variable air flow adjustment for optimal results at diff erent material viscosities.

It includes 2 separate paint spraying accessories;

I-Spray Attachment: for interior walls and ceilings (suitable for any type or brand of emulsion paint).

Perfect Spray Attachment: for solvent and water based lacquers, varnishes, stains, wood treatments etc.

Input Power: 615 Watt, turbine, 2-Stage.

Atomization Power: 160 Watt.

Paint Flow Rate: 0 – 375 ml/min.

Reservoir capacity: Wall Paint: 1300ml; Lacquer & Varnishes: 600ml.

Air Hose Length: 3.5m.