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Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner 4MM Insualting Wallpaper

Product Details

Product Ref: KV600

Price: 269,95

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Wallrock Klimatec KV600 Thermal Liner – put simply, ‘The Big Brother of Wallrock Thermal Liner’ is a new and improved thermal lining paper that draws on all of the successes of Erfurt Mav’s Wallrock Thermal Liner, but provides even greater insulation benefits.

Offers incredible insulation and may cause a saving on your heating bills in particular in winter

Technical specifications

Each roll is 15 metres long and 1 metre wide – it covers 15m2

The liner is 4mm thick – 25% thicker than standard Wallrock Thermal Liner

The thermal backing is covered with Wallrock Fibreliner, which makes the entire liner flexible and very durable

It can be painted or overhung with another paste-the-wall liner for perfect finish

No PVC or glass fibres

Use Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive to apply – 7.5 to 10kg per roll

Benefits and performance

25% extra thickness of KV600 Liner offers enhanced thermal performance when compared to Wallrock Thermal Liner

Helps to alleviate condensation and mould problems even faster by raising and equalising the temperature in the room

KV600 helps with reducing the noise conduction, but this is a side benefit due to its thickness

One of the best liners to cover damaged surfaces – it’s 4mm thick!

1m wide roll allows you to have fewer joints and do the job faster

When a room has been lined with Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner it separates the cold mass of the wall from the room environment and reduces both the cooling effect of the wall and cold air currents in the room created by the differential temperature zones within a room. As a result, the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air reducing the room warm-up time.

Application and considerations

Watch our video for generic application advice – it’s based on the traditional Wallrock Thermal Liner, but the principles remain the same

On sharp corners, we suggest that you cut the liner and butt-joint it

On ceilings, we’d suggest that you use standard Wallrock Thermal Liner – you can still use KV600 on walls

Because KV600 Liner is 1 metre wide, we’d suggest that two people hang it to make the job easier

Use only paste-the-wall wallcoverings if you are planning to overhang the KV600 with another liner*.