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Wallrock Thermal Liner 75CM x 10M x 3MM MAV606009

Product Details

Product Ref: MAV606009

Price: 105.00

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Reduces room warm up time by up to 65%

Saves up to 36% on energy bills

Paste the wall not the liner

Simple, easy way to cover problem areas such as cracked plaster / textured surfaces.

Allows walls to breathe

Resists mould and damp formation

Compatible with period features in older houses such as elaborate cornices and skirtings

Helps reduce noise pollution

Contains no PVC

Wallrock Thermal Liner roll size is 10m x 75cm Adhesive 5kg of Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive is required per roll.


How does it work? Thermal Liner works in a different way to traditional insulating products. For a start we realise that rooms are rarely heated constantly 24 / 7. So Thermal Liner works by reducing warm up times dramatically as is begins to work immediately the heating is turned on. Conventional products only work after the inside wall has been heated which can take hours – the very time you are likely to be in the room. Once the room has warmed up Wallrock Thermal continues to resist energy loss.

How much energy will Thermal Liner save me? This very much depends on the type of walls you have and just how cold the external temperature is.

Why do you recommend lining over the top of the Thermal Liner? It makes it much easier to achieve a nice neat finish with minimal filling and sanding. It helps protect your investment from damage creating a good base for paint or decorative wallpaper at the same time. We recommend the use of Wallrock Fibreliner as the perfect paper for overhanging. However if you want to paint directly onto the Wallrock Thermal Liner you can.

Thermal Wallrock Adhesive Sold Seperately

Ready to use high strength adhesive with filler.

Moisture resistant and breathable.

Roll straight from the tub onto the wall.

Each tub is sufficient for a minimum of 2 rolls.