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Waspinator The Eco Way to Ensure A Wasp Free Zone

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Product Information

Waspinator The Eco Way to Ensure A Wasp Free Zone 

The Waspinator helps to create a wasp free zone without a single wasp having to be killed.

The waspinator comes as a twin pack and looks like a real wasps nest.

You simply hang the waspinator in an area which you would like to keep as wasp free.

Wasps that see it think it is the enemy nest and will stay well away from wherever you put it.

When using a waspinator no chemicals need to be used, no dead wasps need to be dealt with and the product is completely maintenance free once hanging.

How to Use the Waspinator

1: Remove from box and puff out the sides so as to make it as big as it will go.

2: To help the Waspinator retain its shape stuff it with scrunched up plastic bags.

3: Pull toggle on drawstring tight against the base of the waspinator and keep pulling until it is completely closed.

4: Tuck the drawstring inside base and hang waspinator from the loop at the top in an area you want to keep wasp free.

Where Waspinator is Used?

– Anywhere food is eaten outside or under table umbrella.

– Anywhere children are at play.

– Around the eaves of your house.

– In lofts and garages to prevent wasps from nesting.

– Take with you on camping and picnic trips.

Why do Wasps stay away from the Waspinator?

The waspinator is essentially a scarecrow for wasps.

To a Wasp it looks exactly like a real nest because of its shape and the horizontal pattern which makes it look fibrous and layered.

As Wasps are territorial they know to stay away from the nest of another colony as they might be killed by the nest’s defenders

Wasps can see for quite long distances – they can see Waspinator from 6 metres away or more, and will fly away as soon as they recognise it

Wasps have memory – once a Waspinator is established in position wasps know where it is and go somewhere else where they don’t feel threatened

Because Waspinator is a visual repellent it doesn’t harm the environment with chemicals, it doesn’t hurt Wasps, and so it doesn’t disturb the ecological balance of your garden.