XMS14CUBIX Stanley Cube Cross Line Laser Stud Wire and Pipe Detector

Product Ref: XMS14CUBIX

Was: €99.99

Price: €69.99

Stanley Cube Cross Line Laser, Stud Wire and Pipe Detector

Stanley cube laser supplied with a stud, wire and pipe detector.

The Stanley Cubix Self-Levelling Cross-line Laser is accurate to 0.8mm/m. It has a sturdy ABS/TPR construction. The Cubix features a pendulum mounted laser and is supplied with a universal mounting bracket with multiple attachment points for use on architrave, window sills, shelves and poles. The laser is ideal for setting out work on walls, floors and ceilings.

The Stanley Stud Sensor uses electronic signals to locate edges of studs, joists or live AC wires through drywall or other common building materials. Once the edge of the stud has been detected, the Stud Sensor displays red LED's and sounds an audible tone. A V-shaped marking channel with an LED allows accurate marking.

The ergonomic design and soft grips ensure a comfortable use.

Detection depth:
Wood and metal stud detection: Up to 19mm.
AC detection: up to 50mm.