XMS18SCREWS Forgefix Multi-Purpose Screw Set 1200 Piece

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Product Ref: XMS18SCREWS

Was: €49.99

Price: €34.99

The Forgefix 1500 Piece Screw Assortment in Organiser contains professional multi-purpose Pozi headed screws.

These are popular single threaded screws which provide greater holding in a variety of materials.

The screws have a Zinc yellow passivated (ZYP) finish for excellent resistance to corrosion.

Supplied in a durable professional organiser.


100 x MPS3515Y (3.5x16mm).

100 x MPS3520Y (3.5x20mm).

100 x MPS3525Y (3.5x25mm).

50 x MPS3530Y (3.5x30mm).

50 x MPS3540Y (3.5x40mm).

100 x MPS420Y (4.0x20mm).

100 x MPS425Y (4.0x25mm).

100 x MPS430Y (4.0x30mm).

150 x MPS440Y (4.0x40mm).

100 x MPS450Y (4.0x50mm).

100 x MPS460Y (4.0x60mm).

100 x MPS470Y (4.0x70mm).

50 x MPS540Y (5.0x40mm).

50 x MPS550Y (5.0x50mm).

50 x MPS560Y (5.0x60mm).

50 x MPS570Y (5.0x70mm).

50 x MPS580Y (5.0x80mm).

50 x MPS590Y (5.0x90mm).

50 x MPS5100Y (5.0x100mm).

5 x PZ2 Screwdriver bits.