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Yale Alarm Accessory Wire Free PIR

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Product Ref: YALHSA6020

Price: 69.99

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Alarm Accessory – Wire Free PIR


Yale wireless PIR (Passive Infra Red) Movement detectors are for use with all Yale burglar alarms less than 4 years old as they operate on the 433.92 MHz frequency.

Each detector offers easy wireless installation and registration to the control panel. Each detector can be set to protect an area just at night (Home arming) or full time protection when a property is vacant (Full arming). This can be set via control panel, remote keypad or keyfob remote controls.

The Yale PIR is ideal for use on extra rooms that need protection, such as lounge, bedroom or extension and is also suitable for garages and outbuildings.

Yale detectors are powered for 2 years by readily available alkaline batteries. The control panel will identify exactly any alarm part with a low battery giving you two to four weeks to replace it.

30m Range Indoor
433.92 MHz operating frequency
Detection area 12m at 90° Angle

Pack x 1 (€69.99)

Pack x 3 (€199.99)