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Spring is finally starting after a bitterly cold winter and gardeners are looking forward to getting outside planting again. One of the most rewarding pursuits in the garden is growing plants or vegetables from seed. It can be especially pleasing to have a delicious salad prepared knowing that you grew the lettuce, tomatoes and radish. To catch a smell of some Night Scented Stock on a warm summer’s night from a pack of seeds you planted back in February is another great feeling. None of this can be achieved without some basic planning.

When planting seeds there are a few key pointers which can be overlooked. Firstly, it is important to correctly label any seeds. Labelling packs can be obtained inexpensively or indeed some people use plastic knives and a permanent marker to great effect. Use wide flat containers, seed trays again are inexpensive, to ensure there is no overcrowding of the plants. Use a good quality compost with nutrients and apply a slight amount of pressure to ensure the seeds make good contact. Ensure there is ample drainage in the tray or pots to help prevent disease. Seeds should be kept in a warm sunny spot to aid germination but keep an eye on the soil to ensure it is moist. Once growth appears a good organic liquid feed may be applied on a weekly basis.

All De Ree seeds are labelled with specific instructions and planting details on the back. With an exceptionally wide range of flowers and veg at great value (€1.49 each or €5) planting seedlings offers a great economical, enjoyable way to kick start your spring gardening. For the beginner some of the easiest seeds to grow are peas, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and a real winner and easy one for kids is Sunflowers. Involving a child in the planting process is a great experience for both the child and the gardener and is extremely educational.

So get planting and enjoy the fruits of your labour this summer!

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