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The Prevention of Flying Insects

The Prevention of Flying Insects

With the rising temperatures we are currently experiencing we will also witness an increase in flying insects. Aside from the traditional Fly Sprays what are the best ways to keep these annoying insects at bay? The traditional aerosol is an effective way of getting rid of unwanted pests in a small area and are advisable to have in your home or business through the summer months. The traditional fly stickers or fly papers are an unsightly but effective way of protecting areas such as sheds or garages. They can be used inside the home but are very unattractive. They are quite inexpensive at €3.99 for a pack of 4. For protection inside the home there are better alternatives.

The first is the window fly stickers. These are insecticide free and as such kind for the environment . They are ideal for all rooms inside the home or greenhouses. They are a lot more aesthetically pleasing as they are a small sunflower or ladybird shape which simply sticks to the window, attracts and control the flies in your home. Rentokill also have a small space fly killer. This will kill any flies,moths or mosquitoes. They are a pleasant smelling hanging unit which works for up to 3 months. They cover an area of 6 cubic meters and each unit has a date indicator to enter the month of expiry or purchase. An alternative approach would be to use a window fly screen. This is a 1 1/2 metre squared mesh which lets in air but keeps flying and biting insects out. They are reusable and very easy to install. They are an ideal pest control solution for conservatories and kitchens in the summer months. Aside from stopping flies, they will also stop moths and wasps from entering your home.

The final solution for keeping flies out is the Pest Stop Fly Trap Bag. These are an ingenious way to catch and kill flies in outdoor areas. You simply add water to the bag and swing it around (with the lid closed!!) to activate the chemical. It can then be hung from a hook or gutter and left to collect those pesky flies. We have received excellent feedback on this product. The fly bag is odourless and lasts up to 3 months. It must be said that by the end of this period the bag is extremely unsightly but that just proves how effective they are. At €7.99 for 3 months fly catching they are excellent value for anyone trying to control flies in beer gardens or patio areas.

As we enter July & August we will see an increase in wasp activity. Wasps should always be treated extremely seriously and when approaching a nest great care should be taken in terms of clothing and movement . To kill a few flying wasps our trusty fly & wasp killer aerosol from above is very effective . Also a fly swat could be considered for smaller random wasps. However, for nests a more serious solution is required. 

There are two ways to destroy a wasps nest. A wasp nest powder may be applied directly to the nest . This is best done in the evening time as wasp activity is lower and the majority if the wasps will be in the nest. Alternatively, a wasp nest destroyer foam can be applied. this has the benefit of having a 3 meter jet so application can be made from approx 10 feet from the nest. The foam as with the powder will need to penetrate the nest in order to work. if it is particularly wet conditions a second application may be required. great care should be taken in approaching the nest . 

A final method is wasp nest traps. There are a variety of forms of these and they can be an effective way of capturing wasps. A fruit juice with extra sugar is added to the trap which is positioned outdoors. The juice should last 2-3 weeks and the trap is re usable. 

The warmer weather dies have some drawbacks with all these pests but as we can see there are plenty of methods to ensure you have an enjoyable pest free summer!

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