Household Ammonia 500ml-Assorted Pack Sizes

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Household Ammonia

Cleaning Household ammonia can be diluted with water to make a streak-free window cleaner. It is also used to make cleaning solutions for floors, walls, shower stalls, counters, stovetops and appliances.

Mildew, scuff marks, tarnish and some stubborn clothing and carpet stains can be removed with ammonia.

Repellent Lacing your garbage cans or gardens with ammonia will keep dogs etc from rooting around where you'd rather they didn't. An ammonia treatment will also banish moths from your clothing drawers and closets.

Precautions Do not allow household ammonia to come in contact with your eyes or in prolonged contact with your skin. Avoid breathing ammonia vapors and always use the product in a well ventilated area. Household ammonia is a caustic that can damage rubber and some plastics. Never mix ammonia and bleach---it unleashes toxic chlorine gas. For that reason, be careful not to allow household ammonia to mingle with bleach-based toilet and tile cleaners