Stanley Stud Sensor Stud Sensor 200 INT077404

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Product Ref: INT077404

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Stanley Stud Sensor INT077404 Stud Sensor 200

The Stanley Intelli Tools Stud Sensor 200 uses electronic signals to locate edges of studs, joists or live AC wires through drywall or other common building materials.

Once the edge of the stud has been detected, the Stud Sensor 200 displays red LED's and sounds an audible tone.

A V-shaped marking channel with an LED allows accurate marking.

Depth detection can be selected by an activation button for 12mm (1/2 inch), 25mm (1 inch) and 38mm (1.1/2 inch).

The ergonomic design and soft grips ensure a comfortable use.

Detection depth: Wood and metal stud detection: Up to 38mm (1.1/2 inch). AC detection: up to 50mm (2 inch).