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FrogTape Professional Masking Tape – Assorted Sizes

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Product Ref: FROGT

Price: 9.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Introducing our premium FrogTape Professional Masking Tape, available in two distinct colors to suit your every need.


Our Green Frog Tape is a versatile, multi-surface masking tape perfect for wood trim, cured paint surfaces, glass, and metal.

Measuring 36mm x 41m, it ensures clean, crisp lines and prevents paint bleed for a flawless finish.


For more delicate areas, our Yellow Frog Tape is the ideal choice.

This extremely low-tack tape is designed for freshly painted surfaces, wallpaper, and newly plastered walls, making removal a breeze without damaging your work.


Both tapes feature PaintBlock technology, which guarantees high-quality results by keeping paint out and lines sharp.

Elevate your painting projects with our Frog Tapes, where precision and quality meet.