Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator

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Product Ref: RDUE

Price: €6.29

Rug doctor urine eliminator is an easy and effective way to eliminate foul odours wherever they occur around the home - on carpet, mattresses and colour safe fabrics. effective against urine, blood, faeces and vomit stains. Urine eliminator works with or without a cleaning machine. Easy to use trigger spray bottle. Wool friendly and pet safe

  • This Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator can get rid off some of the toughest natural stains.
  • Usage: Effective against urine, blood, faeces and vomit stains.
  • Method of application: Spray.
  • Volume: 500ml.
  • Ingredients: Phosphates, non-ionic surfactants and lemon fragrance.
  • Safety details: Avoid contact with eyes and wash hands after use.