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SILVO Wadding Tarnish Guard – 75g

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Product Ref: 8189212

Price: 9.99

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Product Information

Introducing Silvo Tarnish Guard, the ultimate solution for restoring brilliance to your cherished metals.

This Metal Polish Wadding delivers outstanding results on a variety of surfaces including silver, aluminum, gold, chrome, and electroplate.

With its unique formulation containing over 30% aliphatic hydrocarbons and 5% – 15% soap, Silvo Tarnish Guard ensures a professional finish with every use.

However, safety is paramount, so heed the warnings: this product contains flammable ingredients and may cause drowsiness or dizziness if mishandled. Always keep it out of reach of children and avoid breathing vapors.

For optimal results, apply the wadding evenly after testing on a small, inconspicuous area.

Achieve a lasting shine with Silvo Tarnish Guard, available in a convenient 75g pack for your convenience.

Purchase yours today for a gleaming, polished finish that lasts.