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Dylon 350G Clothes Dye Assorted Colours

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Product Ref: DYLON350

Price: 9.99

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Product Information

Dylon 350G Clothes Dye Assorted Colours

These dyes are simply bursting with a whole spectrum of colourful possibilities , so if you feel like a change, you can wake up your wardrobe, revive a faded top or brighten some cushion covers with colour and ease.

Choose from our range of  beautiful colours

With our innovative formulation you no longer need to add salt so it’s even easier to add some colour to your world.

DYLON Machine Dye Instructions

The shade you achieve will depend on 3 things:


• Cotton, linen & viscose will dye to full shade

• Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose mixes will dye to lighter shade

• Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon & fabric with special finishes e.g. ‘dry clean only’, cannot be dyed


• One pack will dye up to 600g of fabric (e.g. jeans, bath towel, double sheet) to the full shade & up to 1.2kg of fabric (e.g. double duvet) to lighter shade

• Multiple packs will dye larger amounts to full shade, e.g. 2 packs for 1200g (e.g. double duvet) or 4 packs for 2kg (e.g. curtains)