FAIMINISET5 Faithfull Set of 5 Mini Tools

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Faithfull Set of 5 Woodworking Tools

Faithfull 5 piece carpenters tool set in wooden presentation box a collection of fine woodworking tools that have been specially created to provide the essentials for anybody working with wood. All five tools are made to the highest quality from the finest hardwood, brass and steel. Supplied complete in a fine wooden presentation case. Comes with:

No 4 Smoothing Plane: • Traditional bench plane. • Suitable for both hard and soft woods. • 50mm (2in) quality cutter. • Overall length 254mm (10in). • Hardwood handle and knob for comfort. • Precision machined for accurate adjustment.

60½ Block Plane: • Accurately machined fine grey iron casting.• 35mm (1 3/8) wide plane iron, set at the low angle of 13½ degrees. • Ideal for end grain and plastic laminates. • Fully adjustable depth of cut. • Adjustable mouth: Wide for coarse work , Narrow for fine shaving.

230mm (9in) Sliding Bevel: • Hardwood stock. • Brass end caps & thumb screw. • Black spring steel blade. 230mm (9in) Try Square: • Hardwood stock. • Twin faced with heavy gauge brass. • Black spring steel blade. • 3 Brass rivet fixing for lasting accuracy.

150mm (6in) Mortice & Marking Gauge: • Hardwood body and stock. • Faced with heavy gauge brass. • Brass thumbscrew with nylon friction pad. • Dual purpose for mortices & marking out.

FAIPLNMNP - Woodworking Plane FAICGMNP - Combination Marking Gauge FAIBVLMNP - Sliding Bevel FAITRYMNP - Try Square FAIDV6MNP - Dove Tail Square All made from hardwood and brass fittings to the same exacting standards as their regular sized counter parts.