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Kiln Dried Logs 11kg Bag

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HOT LOGS FIREWOOD 11KG BAG – Local Dublin 12 Delivery Only

Hot Logs Quality Kiln Dried Firewood is an environmentally sound, clean and renewable fuel for open hearths and solid fuel stoves. Our unique kiln drying process ensures our logs are consistently dry and guaranteed to light every time. A Hot Logs real log fire is bright, lively and welcoming. With its convenient, easy to carry packaging to keep your home free from dirt and dust, Hot Logs take all the hassle out of lighting a fire. Bring home a pack of Hot Logs tonight and enjoy the warmth and ambience of a real log fire.

As part of a special offer we are offering free nationwide delivery on all Hot Log Bulk Bags. 


  • Why do we Kiln Dry Our Logs? Unseasoned firewood contains a large percentage of water (50 to 70%) which greatly reduces its calorific value or heat output. We dry our logs in a kiln to literally cook the naturally occurring moisture out of them. Because our unique kiln drying process ensures extremely low moisture content (10 to 15%), Hot Logs will generate a considerably higher heat output than conventional firewood products. 
  • Natural – Hot Logs are produced from sustainably managed Irish woodlands and are one of nature’s most natural sources of energy. They are a by-product of responsible woodland management and are 100% natural. All we do is dry them! 
  • Renewable – Unlike oil, coal and peat based fuels, firewood is renewable – it can be produced within our life time without damaging the environment. By burning firewood from well managed woodlands we are not depleting the earth’s natural resources. The growing and burning of firewood from well managed woodlands is a “carbon neutral” activity. This means that carbon dioxide released when wood is burned becomes re-absorbed by Ireland’s growing woodlands which may in turn be used by future generations. Therefore, a Hot Logs fire is kind to the environment. 
  • Convenient – Hot Logs bring you a real log fire in a bag. All you need for a roaring log fire is conveniently packaged into an easy to carry bag. Our logs are carefully graded and kiln dried and are guaranteed to light every time. 
  • Lighting Instructions – It’s easy to enjoy a real log fire in seconds! Simply place a firelighter on your fire grate and loosely stack 3 or 4 Hot Logs around and above the lighter. Light the firelighter and enjoy! For best results, do not add additional logs until your fire is burning well.