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Reisser R2 Wood Screws 4mm or 4 point 5mm

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Product Ref: REISSERR24

Price: 4.9911.99

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Product Information

Reisser R2 Woodscrews


1. Very sharp 25° point with the thread running to the end allowing immediate starting, no need to ‘pre-start’.

2. The sharp, wide, deep thread penetrates into all timbers WITHOUT a pilot hole, giving exceptional pull-out value.

3. Specially hardened steel gives the Reisser R2 maximum tensile and torsional strength.

4. The invisible Reisser lubricant helps the screw drive in quickly and easily.

5. Available in full thread (primarily for board materials) or part thread (primarily for pulling two pieces of timber together tight),

6. The re-inforced collar under the head gives additional support preventing snapping.

7. The collar also allows a wide, deep pozi to be inserted. This reduces the risk of the bit jumping out and rounding off the edges.

8. Each batch checked thoroughly to guarantee ‘consistency of quality’. 9. Yellow tropicalized giving approximately 20 times improved rust resistance than standard BZP screw.

Page 5 R2.pdf (4.19 MB) 4.0mm – 4.5mm