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Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker

Product Details

Product Ref: RAFT4

Price: 6.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

  • Pesticide – Free Advanced Fly Traps (window sticker) 
  • especially designed without any insecticide to attract flies and control fly activity in any room in the home or in the greenhouse. 
  • It leaves no trace when removed from the window. 
  • Features and Benefits

Insecticide free Ideal for all rooms in the home to effectively get rid of flies

Ideal for the greenhouse too Kind to the environment and to you

Contains 4 stickers

How to use Always read the label and product information carefully before use. Where to use This product can be used indoors and within greenhouses. Please Note: Take care when positioning this sticker on windows where blinds are in close proximity, as glue may stain fabrics or plastics. Window cleaning products and other chemicals may react with the glue, therefore, always apply this sticker to a clean, clear window. This product may not be suitable at very high temperatures above 40ºC. In the event of an incident, the sticky glue can be removed by using vegetable oil.