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Roughneck Demolition and Lifting Bar 2 Sizes ROU64640

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Product Ref: ROU64640

Price: 37.9949.99

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Product Information

Demolition & Lifting Bar 94cm (940mm or 37in)

For ripping up floorboards,ripping off roof lathes, taking down ceilings, breaking pallets and general demolition work. 

It is ideal for lifting up large items (eg slabs) with less risk of items dropping when prising up.

Helps to prevent injury and damage to item.


ROU64642 Roofing, Demolition & Lifting Bar 47.5cm (18.3/4in)

The Roughneck Roofing Demolition & Lifting Bar is ideal when working overhead, such as taking down ceilings, ripping off roof laths and working in confined spaces. The tusks are hardened and tempered and the heel rounded to distribute pressure over a larger area.

The side by side chisel ends can be rested on joists for added leverage when removing roof lathes, taking down ceilings and general demolition work. Saves time, energy and increases safety reducing the chance of injury.