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Tec 7 Sealing Adhesive White 80ml Ready To Use Squeezy Tube

Product Details

Product Ref: TEC780

Price: 9.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Tec 7 Sealing Adhesive White 80ml

All the power and quality of tec 7 in a ready to use squeezy tube

No need for a silicone gun – easy to use 

Instantly Waterproof

Works Under Water

Solvent Free & Easy To Use

Odourless And Uv & Mould Resistant

Super Strong, Holds 31Kg When Cured

Quicker Curing Time – 6Mm = 24Hrs

Suitable For Use Where Food Is Prepared

Resistant To Oil And Sea Water When Cured

Works On Most Building Material Including Most Plastics

Ideal For Sealing Around Baths And Showers

Is Also Anti-Bacterial