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Toilet Tummy Cistern Water Replacement Bag

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Product Ref: CWRB

Price: 6.99

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Product Information

Toilet Tummy – Cistern Displacement Device

When this item is placed in a 9L cistern it will reduce each flush by 1.5L!

The toilet tummy is the least complex and easiest to use toilet cistern water saving product on the market.

Simply fill with water and hang on your toilet cistern and start saving water.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of household water is used by flushing the toilet.Much of this water is wasted. A toilet tummy can reduce the amount of water used when you flush by 2 litres. If you install one on either side of the cistern you can save up to 4 litres per flush.

How to Install Toilet Tummy Carefully

Remove top of your toilet cistern and place aside.

Fill your toilet tummmy as close to the fill line as possible with water from the sink.

Hang the filled Toilet Tummy on the left side of the tank. Flush toilet.

If the Toilet Tummy interferes with any moving part in the tank, move to another location in the tank, re-hang and flush again.

Before replacing the tank top, check the water level.

The fill line on the back of the tank usually marks the right level, approximately 0.5 Inch below the top of the standpipe.

If the water is higher, adjust the float to lower it a bit.