WELBP650CEU Weller Battery Soldering Iron with Storage Case

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Product Ref: WELBP650CEU

Was: €39.99

Price: €29.99

WELBP650CEU BP650CEU Battery Soldering Iron with Storage Case 4.5 Watt / 4.5 Volt

The Weller Battery Powered Cordless Soldering Iron heats up to working temperature in under 30 seconds. It does up to 120 solder joints per set of (3) alkaline batteries.

A red indicator light shows that the power is on.

For added safety a protective safety cap turns off power when placed on tool.

The soldering iron is ideal for field service repair on small parts, components, microelectronics, hobbies, small appliances, and more. Comes with 3 x AA Batteries, Lead-Free Solder, Conical 0.4mm Tip and Tip Removal Tool. WELBP650CEU: Supplied with a storage case. Specification Input Power: 4.5 Watt Battery. Max Temperature: 480°C. Tip: BP1EU Conical Soldering Tip 4mm. Weight: 24g. Weller BP650CEU Battery Soldering Iron WITH Case.