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Two Alternative Ways to Insulate Your Home that Work, from Hardware Ireland.

Two Alternative Ways to Insulate Your Home that Work, from Hardware Ireland.If you live in an old house that was built more than ten years ago, the chances are that your walls were never insulated properly. Your house, especially any rooms that may be facing north, will be cold, damp, and possibly have mildew. No problem, as this can all be easily sorted out and brought up to modern standards. With the advent of modern insulation materials, now, just like newer houses, your house can retain heat, have less dampness, and warm up a lot faster without the need for expensive tradesmen.

Without doubt the best way to insulate the walls in your home is to use insulation boards. Insulation boards come in a variety of makes and sizes, and in general need to be fitted by an expert. To use these boards can be cumbersome as it may be necessary to move radiators, electrical fittings, and of course to re-plaster, which is usually beyond the skills of a DIY enthusiast. However, there are two great products now on the market that will go a long way in sorting out this problem. Let’s look at these options:

Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal liner is a great product for lining cold walls. It is easily applied by any capable DIY enthusiast and can be applied to the problem wall without too much inconvenience. The roll size is 75CM x 10M, and retails at around €75 euros at this time.

Wallrock Thermal liner will save up to 36% on energy bills and will reduce the warm up time of your room by approximately 65%. It is compatible with period features in older houses, helps to reduce noise pollution, and resists mould and damp formation.

Wallrock is quick and easy to use and is a great way to cover problems such as cracked plaster and textured and rough surfaces. Simply paste the wall, not the liner and apply. This great product also allows the walls to breathe, and contains no PVC. Each roll will require 5KG of Wallrock Thermal Adhesive per roll, which is sold separately. Wallrock Thermal Adhesive is a ready to use, high strength adhesive with filler, is moisture resistant and breathable, and is easy to use as it rolls straight from the tub. Each tub is sufficient for a minimum of 2 rolls. Note; It is recommended to use a lining paper for a better finish.

  1. How does it work?
    Thermal Liner works in a different way to traditional insulating products. For a start we realise that rooms are rarely heated constantly 24 / 7. So Thermal Liner works by reducing warm up times dramatically as it begins to work immediately the heating is turned on. Conventional products only work after the inside wall has been heated which can take hours – the very time you are likely to be in the room. Once the room has warmed up Wallrock Thermal continues to resist energy loss.
  2. How much energy will Thermal Liner save me?
    This very much depends on the type of walls you have and just how cold the external temperature is.
  3. Why do you recommend lining over the top of the Thermal Liner?
    It makes it much easier to achieve a nice neat finish with minimal filling and sanding. It helps protect your investment from damage, creating a good base for paint or decorative wallpaper at the same time. We recommend the use of Wallrock Fibreliner as the perfect paper for overhanging. However if you want to paint directly onto the Wallrock Thermal Liner you can. Wallrock Thermal Liner is a great solution to cold, damaged, and damp walls.

Thermilate Paint Insulating Additive

Thermilite Paint Insulating Additive is exactly what it implies – an insulating additive that you add to the paint before painting your room. It is used on the interior to keep heat in during the winter months, and can be used on the exterior to reflect heat away in the summer. Thermalite also helps to reduce energy bills, reduces C02 emissions, and will dramatically reduce condensation problems, which will make your home much more comfortable to live in. Thermalite Paint Insulating Additive is extremely easy to use as you simply mix it into your paint. It can be added to almost any paints/coatings, and can be used almost anywhere you apply paint. It is safe to use, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for residential and commercial use. I personally used this product in my box room which had huge problems with dampness and moisture running down the walls. This sorted out the problem and it is still working now five years later. A brilliant product. Don’t forget use on the inside to keep the heat in and on the outside to keep heat out

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